Monday, March 13, 2017

Bootcamp Details..

Let’s start with the basics!
What to expect on your first day of bootcamp?
First, don’t let the name “bootcamp” intimidate you. Bootcamp is for all levels of fitness--I can’t stress this enough. 
We will start with a fitness test to determine your current level. We will do this test again at the end of the program to see how far you’ve come! 
The workout will be a mix of cardio, bodyweight movements and a whole lot of fun! 
Please wear comfortable workout attire. Bring water and a smile! 
Additionally, if you have a pair of workout gloves, I’d recommend bringing them as the ground can a bit rough on the hands. 
Workout Location: Marked Location
We meet at Lakeside Park at Grand Ave & Bellevue Ave. 
There are TWO places Grand and Bellevue intersect--we will be meeting kitty corner from Perch Coffee House if that helps. 
Parking can be tricky. However, as an option, Whole Foods has great parking and is just a short walk away.