Thursday, December 24, 2015

Trail Run 7ish Miles (04/03/16)

We'll get things rolling with an easy 1/2 mile warmup run to Julius Kahn Park from A Runner's Mind (3575 Sacramento St).

We'll do some range of motion drills in the park before starting the run.
Here's a link to the course map....
Sunday Trail Run Course Map

Here's a description of said course...

Follow chalk markings indicating 'RC' with arrows on paved roads. Follow flour arrows on trail segments.
-Launch from Julius Kahn Park. Follow paved path behind Julius Kahn and descend onto dirt trail (El Polin Loop) and follow this to MacArthur Ave.
-Turn LEFT on Fernandez Street.
-Turn LEFT on Barnard Ave and veer RIGHT onto Ecology Trail head at the end of Barnard Ave. 
-Follow Ecology Trail past Inspiration Point. Veer right and uphill towards Arguello when you reach trail intersection.
-Cross Arguello and continue on Bay Area Ridge Trail (Look for signs and flour markings).  
-You'll follow Bay Area Ridge Trail across Park Avenue. Roughly a 1/4 mile later look for flour markings on your RIGHT and continue following Bay Area Ridge Trail to Rob Hill Campground (it will be on your left). 
-At Rob Hill Campground, run on the paved path for a brief stretch and turn LEFT onto Washington Boulevard towards Immigrant Point Overlook.   

-Descend the stairs at Immigrant Point Overlook and cross Lincoln. Follow flour and chalk markings towards Battery to Bluffs Trail.  
-Follow Battery to Bluffs Trail until it ends. Turn around and head back the way you came to Immigrant Point Overlook.
-Cross Washington and turn RIGHT onto trail that runs parallel to Washington.
-Follow the trail until it runs into the intersection of Washington/Compton.
-Veer RIGHT and downhill onto Battery Caufield Road. 
-Follow Battery Caufield downhill for roughly 600 meters until you encounter a pedestrian crosswalk. Turn LEFT at the pedestrian crosswalk and run through the parking lot onto the trail. 
-Run on the trail past the Merchant Marine Cemetery Vista Memorial. 
-Roughly 1/4 of a mile later you will descend a set of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn LEFT and run for another 200-300 meters. 
-Veer RIGHT and DOWNHILL at the fork in the path, merge onto Mountain Lake Trail, and follow underneath overpass.
-Follow path towards Golf Course. 
-Merge back onto Ecology Trail at Arguello and head back to Julius Kahn Park.
-Run past the Julius Kahn tennis courts and continue until you run into West Pacific Ave. Turn around and head back to the start for 7ish miles!

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