Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Ten Commandments of Run Club

#1-Consistency. There are a multitude of ways to train. But, the one approach that works universally is consistency over time.

#2-Structure. Having some kind of structure to your running is a big part of becoming better at it.

#3-Variety. If you want to get faster or run farther, inject variety into your routine (hills, trails, speedwork, crosstraining, etc.)

#4-Proceed Gradually. Running can generate 3-5 times your body weight in impact force per footstrike. Don't increase mileage more than 10-20% week over week.

#5-General Maintenance. Stretch. Foam Roll. Massage. All of these activities will help stave off aggravations, injuries, and keep you running at a high level. 

#6-Rest & Recover. It’s during the rest/recovery phase that your body heals, adapts, and gets stronger. 

#7-Listen to the messages your body sends you. This is your true north. If you’re feeling flat/fatigued, it might mean you need an extra day off or a lighter run/workout.

#8-Take a Break! Sometimes a break is all you need to recharge physically and mentally. A day (or two) off might be just what you need.

#9-Don't sign up for every race. The best runners on the planet don’t and neither should you. Pick your battles wisely.

#10-Run with Company. Some of the best runners on the planet run in packs. Completing a tough run/workout is always easier with company.

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