Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Run Club Sunday Trail Run (7ish miles) 06/21/15

We'll get things rolling with an easy 1/2 mile warmup run to Julius Kahn Park from A Runner's Mind (3575 Sacramento St).

We'll do some range of motion drills in the park before starting the run.
Here's a link to the course map....
Spring Run Club Sunday Trail Run Course Map

Here's a description of said course...

Follow chalk markings indicating 'RC' with arrows on paved roads. Follow flour arrows on trail segments.
-Launch from Julius Kahn Park. Follow dirt trail towards Arguello. 
-Veer LEFT onto West Pacific Avenue and cross Arguello.
-Follow West Pacific Avenue past golf course and downhill.  
-Merge onto Mountain Lake Trail and follow underneath overpass. 
-Take a hairpin RIGHT turn after running underneath the overpass. 
-Follow Park Trail through golf course. 
-Turn LEFT on Washington and run along Washington Blvd.
-Connect with trail that runs parallel to Washington Blvd.
-Turn LEFT at pedestrian crosswalk to Immigrant Point Overlook.
-Head down the stairs and run to Lincoln Blvd.
-Cross Lincoln and turn RIGHT onto dirt trail. Veer LEFT onto Battery to Bluffs Trail.
-Follow Battery to Bluffs Trail until it ends. Turn around and head back to Immigrant Point Overlook.
-Cross the pedestrian crosswalk and turn LEFT onto Washington Blvd.
-Turn RIGHT onto Central Magazine Rd and merge onto Bay Area Ridge Trail. 
-Follow Bay Area Ridge Trail across Park Blvd. Continue on Bay Area Ridge Trail past Washington Blvd. 
-Cross Arguello Blvd. on Bay Area Ridge Trail and turn RIGHT. Veer LEFT onto Ecology Trail. 
-Follow Ecology Trail until it terminates in a parking lot behind the Presidio Inn.
-Follow chalk markings & head down a little flight of stairs just past the Presidio Inn and connect with Fernandez Street (there are signs at the bottom of the stairs).
-Follow Fernandez (it turns into Macarthur Ave after not too long) and then turn RIGHT to head up Lover's Lane. 

-Follow Lover's Lane until you see a sign for 'Liggett Ave'. Veer LEFT onto the dirt trail to connect to the 'wood line' portion of the trail.
-Follow the wood line trail all the way to the top and then turn right back onto the dirt trail and head back to Julius Kahn Park where the run started!

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