Thursday, March 19, 2015

Speed Workout Lowdown (7/9/15)

This week we're doing a variation on what we've done the past couple weeks.

We'll be doing 'fartlek loops' around the Marina Green! You have the option of doing 4, 6, or 8 loops.

Here's a link to the course...

Marina Fartlek Loop

We'll be alternating 200M Easy/200M Hard for the ENTIRE loop with a brief breather/break between each loop.

So, here's how it looks....

-200M Easy
-200M Hard
-200M Easy
-200M Hard
-200M Easy
-200M Hard.

Your 'recovery' will be 50% of the time it took you to complete the loop.

EG-If it takes you 6:00 to run the loop, your recovery is 3:00.

Having a watch/smart phone/app to track your time is pretty critical to executing this workout.

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