Saturday, March 14, 2015

I run because I am still here...

It is no longer a mile. It is a mountain. It hammers me every step of the way.

It is unmerciful. But, I have been here before. I grit my teeth and find what I need.

The sweat stings as I labor arduously up yet another staggering ascent. I grind and then a moment later, I stagger to the summit. I will return.

The beast rarely makes an appearance these days. Somewhere deep in the depths it stirs. I unchain it and it unleashes hell. Hell feels good.

For a moment, I am surging towards a personal best again. I smile through the pain. These furious seconds are not promised. I embrace them and say a silent prayer for more.

Lightheaded, punch-drunk, and careening, I try to find my bearings. I will feel this tomorrow and next week.

I tangle with my limits. I feel their hot breath right on my neck. They will catch me one day, but not today.

The body creaks and groans. It reminds me of all the things I have asked it to do and all the things I have failed to do for it. I apologize...yet again.

But, the things we have seen, the places we have gone. The adventures we've had. I wouldn't give up a moment of it. I say we go until the axles fall off.

I run because I am still here...

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