Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I run because I qualified for Boston....

In the running world, there are the elites who win races, go to the trials, compete against the best in the world, and inspire countless. They are so talented they seem like mythical creatures. 

If you're lucky, you might find yourself briefly caught in the vapor trail of one of these exceptional creatures at the beginning of a race only to see them pull away casually and effortlessly.

Then there are the rest of us. For the mere mortals (of which I am very much one), our moments of glory rarely involve winning a race or qualifying for the Olympic trials. 

On a good day, maybe we manage to place high in our age group or run a personal best that would barely qualify as an easy training run for someone at the elite level.

While the mere mortal runner will likely never attain the lofty heights of the elite level runner, we still have our brief, fleeting moments of glory.

All of us have them. They are the seminal moments you just never forget. They define you. If you're lucky, you have a handful of them. Keep running and you might bag a few more.

It is the hope of experiencing these moments that keeps you running when the weather gods are angry, when your legs feel like lead, and all seems to conspire against you.

For me, this list of seminal moments includes the first time I ran 10 miles, the first time I 'nearly' won a race, the first time I won a race, the first time I broke 5:00 for the mile, and many others that I am extraordinarily fortunate to have.

But, alone on the throne for more than a decade is my first time qualifying for Boston. It was in this moment that I believed I could do anything if I wanted it bad enough.

I will never be an elite runner. But, I will ALWAYS have Boston and arguably, there is no greater glory for a mere mortal runner than saying, 'I qualified for Boston'.

So, I will toe the line on 4/21. I will toe the line at the marathon that lit a fire under me like no other. I am at least ten years late to the party, but better late than never.

I will pay homage to a race that has in one way, shape, or form inspired me to explore my limits in countless ways.

To this race, I am eternally indebted.

I run because I qualified for Boston.....

Monday, April 07, 2014

Tuesday Marina/Presidio Run (4/8/14)

We're launching from outside of Presidio Sport & Medicine located at 1162B Gorgas Avenue. You'll be covering 3-6 miles depending upon your training level.

Here's a link to the course map-

Tuesday's Presidio Run Course Map.

We'll launch from outside Presidio Sport & Medicine and promptly take a LEFT turn on Girard Avenue. We'll follow Girard until we hit Lincoln. Turn RIGHT on Lincoln and continue running into the Presidio.

Continue running on Lincoln past the cemetery to the intersection of Lincoln/McDowell. This is a controlled intersection with a 4 way stop. Continue through this intersection on Lincoln and eventually you will reach the intersection of Lincoln and Crissy Field Avenue. This is 1.5 MILES.

Run on the paved path adjacent to Lincoln and veer left (and uphill) towards the Golden Gate Bridge. You will run around the perimeter of a gravel parking lot and the paved path will curve to the left. Continue running on this paved path.

Roughly 200 meters after passing the parking lot, you will see a MM4 in chalk in the middle of the path. Beginner runners will turn around and head back to Presidio Sport & Medicine for 4 MILES!

Everyone else will continue along the paved path towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Make your way onto the pedestrian side (east side) of the Golden Gate Bridge. continue running until you see a MM5 in chalk on the sidewalk. Intermediate level runners will turn around here and head back to Presidio Sport & Medicine for 5 MILES!

Advanced and Race levels runners will continue for another half a mile until you see a MM6  in chalk on the sidewalk. Advanced runners will turn around here and head back to Presidio Sport & Medicine for 6 MILES!

Race level runners will continue for roughly half a mile until you are nearly across the bridge. Look for a MM7 on the sidewalk. Turn around here and head back for 7 MILES!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Nike Running Study Criteria

Specific criteria of runners we seek:
  • Must be between 18-28 years old
  • Must be active runners (i.e. run at least 3x times per week)
  • Must own and run in Nike shows with Lunar technology (ex:  Nike Flyknit Lunar, Lunar Glide, Lunar Eclipse, Lunar Racer, etc.)
  • Must be articulate and willing to share insights about your shoes and why you bought them
  • If selected and invited to the session, participants will be compensated $100 for their time
  • Session will be held either in the afternoon on Wed April 9th in San Francisco
  • Session duration: 60 minutes
  • Anyone interested in being a part of the focus group will need to apply by completing a short survey at this LINK:

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Wednesday's Two Miler (4/2/14)

We're logging 2 miles for our final run of the season. Here's a link to the course map-

Tuesday Presidio Run Course Map

We'll launch from Presidio Sport & Medicine and promptly take a left on Girard Avenue. Shortly after making this turn, you will turn LEFT on Funston Ave (This is just past the Presidio YMCA on your left).

Follow Funston uphill slightly until you run into Moraga. Turn RIGHT on Moraga. Continue on Moraga until you reach Montgomery. Turn RIGHT on Montgomery. 

Just past Montgomery/Owens, you will see a 'MM2' in chalk. Turn around here and head back the way you came for 2 MILES!