Saturday, November 08, 2014

I run because it is not about me...

I made a choice ten years ago. I chose to launch a business that would inspire others to run. I could have chosen otherwise.

I could have focused on becoming the best runner I could possibly be. I could have invested solely in my own goals. I could have focused my energies on myself.

There's nothing wrong with being selfish. Most people put themselves first. You have to look out for number one.

But, this is not how you inspire others. I could not achieve my own goals and inspire others. A compromise had to be made.

So, I made it. My goals took a backseat. My chance at becoming a great marathoner was always a bit of a longshot anyway.

The new goal became getting as many people as possible to run. Get as many people as possible to drink the kool aid. Running is the answer.

Show people that when you run, you are the best version of yourself. Show them that you are a hero when you run. Show them that just showing up can take you far.

I showed up sick as a dog. I showed up hobbled. I showed up on crutches. I showed up many times when I really didn't want to be there.

The important thing was to simply show up. The mere act of showing up would inspire. It would send a message.

Run, walk, or crawl. Just show up. Eventually, good things will happen.

Despite fatigue, despite sadness, despite despair,  I showed up. It was never about me. It was about them.

I put on a brave face when I felt weak. I betrayed no doubts. I faked it when I had to countless times.

I did all of this for them. It was never for me. They were what mattered.

More important than any personal goals was the spreading of the message. My job was to infect. The spreading of the disease is what mattered.

I used whatever was at my disposal. I used whatever gifts I had. The disease spread.

Nearly a decade later, I keep showing up. I keep running. I keep infecting.

It's not about stroking my own ego. It never has been. It's about spreading the disease.

It's about making others believe they are capable of more than they think they are. It's about opening the door to dreams.

So, I show up tired. I show up sick. I show up wounded. I just fucking show up.

I run because it is not about me....

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