Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I run because I need a vacation...

In my former cube circumscribed existence, work mostly started and ended at the door. I worked on the weekends occasionally. But, the start and end of my work was usually clearly defined.

I left it behind and I threw myself into my business on a wing and a prayer. I had no business plan. Everything was trial by fire.

I came to learn that if I didn't hustle, I didn't get paid. No paycheck was coming every two weeks. Hustle or die.

Vacation time and paid time off are a distant memory. Insurance is on me. Retirement is on me.

It is all on me. The business is a living, breathing entity. It needs constant care. It requires constant attention.

I understand why most don't have the stomach for it. It is all consuming. It is a 24/7 deal.

Nearly a decade later, much has changed. What I created via a craigslist ad in my cube now sustains me. It has taken me places I never could have imagined.

But, the constant hustle remains. Vacations are few and far between. So, I get creative.

The urge to take time off can be pronounced. The desire to put it all aside and escape can be ardent. I find a way.

The destination is just a few miles from here in any direction I choose. Whether it's sunny or rainy, I am always at peace there. It's always therapeutic.

It's never a lengthy vacation. I don't have that luxury. Most would never describe my short jaunts as vacations.

But, they always give me what I need. They provide an escape. They provide a holiday. They recharge.

I am also reconnected with the heart of my business. I am reminded of why I do what I do. I get to be the personification of my business.

The beauty is I get to take a vacation every day. Sometimes, I get lucky and take a vacation multiple times a day.  No one has it better than me.

I run because I need a vacation.

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