Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I run because there is still much to explore...

In a previous life, I was an explorer. If not an explorer, maybe I was an adventurer. It's possible I was also once a detective. Maybe I have been all of the above.

There are some mysteries still out there, but not as many as there once were. The great unknown is not as vast and as great as it once was. Most stones have been unturned.

There aren't many blank spots on the map. The Antarctic continent has been conquered. Many lost cities have been found.

For those who seek adventure and conquering the great unknown, things have changed. The desire to explore points elsewhere. This desire now points inward.

The limits of what an individual can do are unclear. The map has not been written. Exploring these limits is perhaps the greatest adventure of all.

This adventure doesn't require a huge budget or a team of explorers. You don't have to travel anywhere exotic to begin this journey. It starts right outside your door with just a few steps.

I have ventured far and wide. I have found myself alone in the middle of nowhere. I have been places I can barely describe.

I have asked things of my body few would ask. I have brazenly ignored the warning signs in pursuit of one more mile. Caution has been thrown to the wind on countless occasions.

I have run headlong into the wall. I have spent miles in the pain cave. I have been knocked down many times. But, I am still here.

The boundaries and limitations of what I can do are still nebulous. They are still unclear. They probably always will be.

But, the quest to find them never gets old. I always learn something new. I always push a bit further and just when I think I have gone as far as I can, I go farther.

I run because there is still much to explore...

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