Friday, September 19, 2014

I run because I want to save the world....

I don't watch the news much. I should be better informed. But, virtually everything the news delivers depresses me.

Catastrophes and disasters surround us. We are on borrowed time. The world is falling apart.

The rich and powerful expand their empire and those who don't fall into this category work harder for less. It behooves you to lower your expectations. It behooves you to get what you can while you can.

The world feels like a darker, more foreboding place than it did when I was young. It seems like a more cutthroat, Machiavellian place. Shadows abound.

I feel like I am watching a train wreck happening. I wave my arms furiously hoping the conductor will see me. I yell as loud as I can hoping to somehow avert disaster.

I often feel helpless. Sometimes it all feels futile to me. But, not all is lost.

In big and small ways, I cast light on the shadows. I convince others to run with me. Each mile they run is a shadow killer.

Each mile prolongs youth. Each run staves off anxiety and depression. Each miles makes us better.

I have helped thousands of people become runners. By becoming runners, they have become better people. Infected by me, they become smarter, bolder, and happier.

Maybe they in turn spread the disease to someone else. The virus grows and the shadows dissipate. The light grows.

There is much I can't control. There are forces much larger than me at work. I am just one person.

But, I do what I can. I spread my virus in whatever I can. I infect as many as I can.

I run because I want to save the world...

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