Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I run because I can weather the storm...

Something is off. Actually, it's not just one thing that is off. Everything is off.

Mercury is in retrograde. The stars are grossly misaligned. I am experiencing some kind of karmic retribution.

The fates have conspired against me. The hits just keep coming. The storm continues.

My every move is met with a stout headwind. I seek refuge from the torrential downpour, but there is no shelter to be had. Everything is an uphill battle.

Drenched, cold, and exhausted, I contemplate stopping. What's the point of continuing? This is futile. It is sisyphean.

The wind howls angrily in my direction. It mocks me as I try to take another step forward. This is no storm, it is a tempest.

I lean over and breathe deeply. Have I been here before? How did I survive last time?

Thunder rumbles menacingly in the distance. The dark clouds shift nervously above me. The rain turns cold and becomes sleet.

I could cry, but I laugh instead. The universe is clearly getting a kick out of my plight. A crack of lightning erupts across the sky for a split second illuminating everything.

It jars me. It provides the illumination I need. Everything is ephemeral. Everything is transitory.

Nothing lasts forever. Let the tempest rage. It will die soon, but I won't.

I take another step. It's a slow and muddy step that barely covers a few inches. It's a baby best.

The wind rages again. I take another step. The sleet pelts my face. I cover a few more inches.

Trees shake violently. Their leaves assault my face. I lift my foot again.

The tempest screams in protest. I smile in response. I am a force of nature too.

I run because I can weather the storm.....

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