Friday, September 05, 2014

Epic Run #2 (6ish miles) Course Map & Description

We'll get things rolling with an easy 1/2 mile warmup run through Arguello Gate and head towards Mountain Lake Park. We'll do some range of motion drills before starting the run.

Here's a link to the course map....

Here's a description of said course...
Follow chalk markings indicating 'E' with arrows on paved roads. Follow flour arrows on trail segments.

-Launch from Mountain Lake Park.
-Turn RIGHT once you crest the hill (.35 miles approx).
-Follow paved path uphill towards Presidio Golf Course. (.65 miles approx)
-Run through Golf Course via path until you run into Washington(.7 miles approx)
-Cross Washington and head towards Amatury Loop.
-Take a LEFT on Bay Area Ridge Trail at Amatury Loop.
-Cross Park Blvd on Bay Area Ridge Trail. (.78 miles approx)
-At Rob Hill Campground follow Access Road to Washington Blvd.(1.25 miles approx)
-Follow Trail Left on Washington Blvd. Turn left at crosswalk to Immigrant Point Overlook.
-At Immigrant Point Overlook take steps down to Lincoln Blvd/Battery to Bluffs Trail (1.6 miles approx)
-Cross Lincoln Blvd. Join Battery to Bluffs Trail and follow trail
-Continue onto California Coastal Trail underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. (2.6 miles approx)
-Re-Join Battery East Trail (paved pedestrian path).
-Follow paved path to intersection of Lincoln/Long Ave. Look for stop signs.
-Continue on paved path through intersection to Crissy Field Overlook. Look for the 'E' with an arrow directing you to turnaround! (3.17 miles approx)

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