Thursday, August 28, 2014

I run because I seek the spot..

I don't struggle most days to move forward. The motivation and drive is almost always there. But, sometimes life can take the wind out of your sails.

Sometimes, the fates frown on you. Your ability to move forward grinds to a halt. You find yourself confronted with doubt.

Anyone who claims they don't go through periods like this is lying or an exceptional actor. Life inspires, but sometimes life conspires. The universe can be random and fickle.

It's during these valleys life presents that I look elsewhere. There is a spot I seek that not many know about. It's a special place.

The spot is not easily found. It requires navigating a narrow trail for miles. Littered with loose rocks, dirt, and debris, it can be treacherous.

Independent of navigating a trail that requires the navigational skills of a goat, there are the hills. But, these are no ordinary hills. These hills make ordinary hills tremble.

There are three of these beasts. All of them last a mile or more. All of them require slowing to a glacial pace and encourage you to quit.

After conquering these three climbs, the spot is near. But, it is not near enough. There are still two more miles to cover with legs that are heavy, lungs that are tired, and a dearth of fuel in the tank.

While the major ascents are now a memory, what lies ahead is not easy. Fatigue leads to stumbling. Stumbling leads to falling. Reaching the spot unscathed rarely happens.

After what feels like an eternity, the spot finally looms on the horizon. I've been seeking it so long, I assume it's a mirage at first.

Naturally, reaching the spot requires one last staggering climb. While not lengthy, I am lightheaded and drenched in sweat by the time I finally arrive.

What little breath I have left is quickly taken away by what I see. In short, I see everything. The city where my business lives and thrives is thousands of feet below me.

The fog rolls powerfully over the spot blasting me with cold air that has traveled far and wide. Looking in the direction of its origin, I glimpse a fuzzy outline of the Farallon Islands.

Rarely do I linger at the spot for more than a few minutes, but that's all I need. The spot never fails to reward. The spot never fails to inspire.

The spot reminds me that the journey is the reward. The spot tells me that you have to create your own inspiration sometimes. The ever sage spot smiles on me and tells me to come back the next time I feel weak, small, or uninspired. It will be waiting for me.

I run because I seek the spot...

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