Thursday, August 14, 2014

I run because I don't own a sports car.

I don't own a sports car. Maybe some day I will. But, been I've fortunate enough to own and drive more than my fair share of sweet rides over the years.

It all started with the Nike Air Pegasus. I logged countless miles on them during my first season of cross country. They traveled through snow, sleet, dirt, and every surface in between. While not necessarily designed as an all terrain vehicle, they performed admirably in all conditions.

Not too long after driving the Air Pegasus into the ground, I segued into the Nike Air 180. The 180 holds a special place in my heart as it got me through my first season of track which started in a bumpy fashion, but would end on a high note with me winning my first race and qualifying for the state championship for two miles.

I notched a monster personal best in Chicago while cruising in the Asics DS Trainer 10. This ride was yellow, black, and deadly. It simply oozed speed. I felt invincible every time I laced up. Running what was at that time my fastest marathon ever only seemed appropriate with these kicks.

It would be three long years before I ran another marathon, but my vehicle of choice for this one was very special. I strapped on the Nike Air Zoom Hayward 3+. Allegedly inspired by a sketch penned by Steve Prefontaine on a napkin, this ride had swagger, moxy, and attitude.

Running in them was like returning to the womb. It always felt like I had an extra gear when I ran in the Haywards. I managed a personal best and Prefontaine gets no shortage of credit for helping me pull this one off.

My foray into the world of ultrarunning required a new vehicle capable of handling hills, dirt, rocks, uneven terrain, and countless miles. Enter the Salomon Speed Cross. This bright yellow beast endured hours of the aforementioned before enabling me to knock off my first (and likely last) 50 miler.

I resumed my quest for a personal best for the marathon in a truly groundbreaking ride, the Nike Flyknit Racer. These woven beauties felt like socks and also felt virtually non-existent. It was always difficult to stay in first or second gear when rolling in the Flyknits. They simply wanted to go as fast as humanly possible.

While I don't have a sports car, I do have a showroom. It is about the size of a closet and contains an awesome assemblage of vehicles built for speed, heading off road, and everything in between.

Whatever mood I am in and wherever I want to go, there is a ride that is suitable for the occasion.

I run because I don't own a sports car.

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