Sunday, July 06, 2014

Tuesday GGP Run (7/8/14)

Tonight’s run will give you an opportunity to preview parts of the SF 2nd Half and Full Marathons.

You will have the option to run 4.5 miles (Beginner, Intermediate Levels) or 6 miles (Advanced, Race Levels). 

Tuesday Course Map:

We will meet at our regular Golden Gate Park location: 7thAve and Martin Luther King Drive.

After our warm-up run and dynamic stretches, everyone will begin the run from Martin Luther King Drive and Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive. Coach Toby will lead everyone to this start. We will all finish at our meeting location: 7th Ave and Martin Luther King Drive. 

Continue running on the paved path on the RIGHT side of MLK towards the direction of 19th Avenue. Once you reach the intersection of MLK and 19th Ave, wait for the light to turn green and head straight across and continue running on the paved path on the RIGHT side of MLK. 

Just pass the intersection with 25th Avenue (on the left) there will be Mallard Lake on the left. It’s more of a glorified pond. This is 1 Mile

Continue running along the paved path parallel to MLKand through the intersection of MLK and Sunset Boulevard.

Shortly after the intersection with Sunset Blvd, you will turn RIGHT onto Middle Drive Avenue and head up the hill towards the Polo Field, which will be on your left.  The Polo Field Bathrooms are also on your left. This is 2 Miles.

Staying on Middle Drive, you will pass the Polo Field. A little farther Middle Drive will intersect with Metson Road. Veer LEFT here to stay on Middle Drive.

Continue along Middle Drive. Just a little father it will intersect with Overlook Drive. Veer RIGHT here to stay on Middle Drive.

Stay on Middle Drive until it ends at Transverse Drive, just up the road a bit. Make a LEFT here and run along the pathuntil Transverse intersects with JFK Drive. This is 3 Miles.

Make a RIGHT at JFK Drive, staying on the paved path on the right side of the road.

Just a little farther (approximately 1/3 mile) the entrance to Stow Lake will be on your right. Turn RIGHT onto Stow Lake Drive.

You will want to stay on the road (not sidewalk) as youcounter clockwise loop around Stow Lake.
4.5 Mile road warriors will do a half a loop around the lake.
Mile road warriors will do a full loop and end up back at the entrance to Stow Lake at JFK.

Shortly after you turn onto Stow Lake Drive, everyone will veer to the RIGHT to begin the counter clockwise loop around JFK.  You will see the Stow Lake Boathouse on your left and the accompanying bathrooms on your right.

About half way through the loop, Stow Lake Drive will dump briefly onto MLK Drive. This is 4 Miles.  

At this juncture:

4.5 Milers, make a LEFT here and continue straight alongthe paved path on the left side of MLK to our meeting location at 7th Ave and MLK.  Done! Nice work!

6 MilersMake a LEFT here at MLK then another quickLEFT to get back on Stow Lake Drive and continue your loop on the road around the lake.

At the end of the loop, make a RIGHT to get back to JFK Drive.

At Stow Lake Drive and JFK Drive, turn RIGHT and run along the paved path on the right side of JFK.

Continue along JFK, running past the Deyoung Museum (on your right). This is 5 miles.

Run past the Conservatory of Flowers (on your left).  The intersection after the conservatory is Nancy Pelosi Drive. You will turn RIGHT here and then a quick LEFT onto Bowling Green Drive. Look for the tennis courts on your left as visual cue.

Bowling Green Drive will veer to the RIGHT and connect you to Martin Luther King Drive.  Stay on the paved path for a short distance back to our meeting location at 7th Ave and MLK. Done, 6 miles (and some change) in the bag, congrats!

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