Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Epic Summer Run #1 (3ish miles) Course Map & Description

 The course will be well marked with flour on the trails and chalk (look for 'E' and arrows indicating direction) on the paved portions. Keep your eyes peeled! I'd generally discourage listening to music during the run.

Epic Summer Run #1 (3ish miles) Course Map

The Epic Summer Run #1 launches from the ball field in Julius Kahn Park. We'll head uphill and bang a quick right onto Ecology Trail. 

At .35 miles into the run your first opportunity for an EPIC view presents itself. There's a small set of stairs to the LEFT you can climb up to get to 'Inspiration Point'! Take in the incredible view (if you like), climb back down and continue running along Ecology Trail.
Continue following Ecology Trail downhill until it dead ends behind the Presidio Inn at the parking lot. From here, you'll head STRAIGHT down Funston and turn LEFT on Lincoln (get on the sidewalk on the RIGHT side of Lincoln).

You'll follow Lincoln behind the Walt Disney Museum and past the cemetery until you reach the point where the bike path veers right (and downhill). This will be another 'Epic' view spot of the bridge, Crissy Field, etc. It also marks the spot where you will turn around and head back on Lincoln towards the Presidio.

Head back on Lincoln and turn RIGHT onto Montgomery. Follow Montgomery until you hit Moraga. Turn LEFT on Moraga and run towards the Presidio Inn. Rather than turn right into the parking lot, you'll head down a little flight of stairs and connect with Fernandez Street (there are signs at the bottom of the stairs).

Simply follow Fernandez (it turns into Macarthur Ave after not too long) and then turn RIGHT to head up Lover's Lane. You'll follow Lover's Lane until you see a sign for 'Liggett Ave'. Veer LEFT onto the dirt trail to connect to the 'wood line' portion of the trail.

Follow the wood line trail all the way to the top and then turn right back onto the dirt trail and head back to Julius Kahn Park where the run started! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE EPIC!!

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