Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunday Long Run (3/2/14)

Folks, there's no way to sugarcoat Sunday's run. This is the toughest long run you've done this season. But, it's a VERY necessary run as we are covering the toughest portion of the San Francisco Rock N Roll Half!

Hydrate well in the days leading up to Sunday. Get a good night's sleep on Friday (and Saturday if possible).

Bring your 'A' game and're not a're a ROAD WARRIOR!

Here is a link to the course map-

Sunday's Long Run Course Map

Below is a description of the route:


We will head NORTH from the Beach Chalet and promptly take a right turn to get onto JFK. You will run along the dirt path for about a quarter of a mile until you come to a stop sign. Turn LEFT at this stop sign at the pedestrian crosswalk onto the dirt path running along JFK.

You will continue running along this path for some time. As you close in on the first mile you will see the 'Bison Paddock' on your left. Shortly after you pass the paddock, you will see Lake Spreckles on the left. If you need water, cross the pedestrian crosswalk over to Lake Spreckles and you will see the water fountain on your left.

Continue running on the dirt path for close to a mile and you will eventually come to a 4 way stop at the intersection of JFK/Transverse. This is roughly 2 miles. Turn LEFT at Transverse and follow this road until it connects with 25th AVE.

Follow 25TH Ave. for roughly a mile until you run into Lincoln. Turn RIGHT on Lincoln Ave! This is where the bulk of the climbing begins.

Follow Lincoln Ave. for roughly 3/4 of a mile (you will be running uphill for most of this portion of the run). You will see signage on the LEFT for Battery To Bluffs Trail as well as a pedestrian crosswalk. There will also be a MM8 in chalk on the road right here. Beginners turn around here and head back the way you came for 8 MILES!


Everyone else (Intermediate, Advanced, and Race levels) will continue running on Lincoln for another 1/2 mile until you reach the intersection of Lincoln and Merchant/Storey Ave. This is a controlled intersection with stop signs. Fort Scott Field will be on your right. There will be a MM9 in chalk at this intersection. This is just over 4.5 miles. Intermediate runners turn around here and head back the way you came for 9 MILES!


Advanced and Race level runners will continue running on Lincoln Ave. Follow Lincoln to the intersection of Lincoln/Long Ave. This intersection is the crest of a decent sized hill looking over Crissy Field. There will be a MM 10 in chalk at this intersection. Advanced runners turn around here and head back the way you came for 10 MILES!


Race level runners will run down Long Ave (the hill) and turn RIGHT onto the dirt path by the Warming Hut (restrooms and a water fountain is here). Follow the dirt path briefly until it intersects with a paved path to the RIGHT. Follow the paved path (this is MASON) until you see Sports Basement. There will be a MM 12 in chalk just prior to Sports Basement. Turn around here and head back the way you came for 12 MILES!

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