Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trail 101 Course Description

Here's a course map for Sunday's run..

Trail 101 Course Map

Here's a description of the course we'll be traveling...
-Turn left onto Broadway and follow for roughly 1.5 miles. There are '2' tough climbs in the latter stages of this stretch.
-After running for 1.5 miles on Broadway, Broadway ends and there is a large gate. Run through this gate and follow the chalk and flour markings onto Mountain Lake Trail.
-Mountain Lake Trail runs parallel to Pacific Avenue. Continue on Mountain Lake Trail past Julius Kahn Playground (on your right).
-You will continue running on Mountain Lake Trail for roughly 3/4 of a mile and then turn RIGHT onto Ecology Trail. 
-Follow the Ecology Trail past Inspiration Point. Look for flour markings and follow them to the end of Ecology Trail (roughly 1/2 mile from Inspiration Point). The trail terminates/ends in a parking lot.
-Turn around here and head back to Lombardi's for (nearly) 6 MILES!

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