Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saturday Recovery (Trail Run)-4/12/14

Everyone will be covering 5 miles for our recovery run, but it's a relatively challenging 5 miles with some trails, climbing, and amazing views! Here's a link to the course map-
Here's a description of the course we'll be traveling...
-Turn left onto Old Mason Street from Sports Basement pkg lot and follow for roughly half a mile until you reach the intersection of Mason/Crissy Field Ave. Turn LEFT (look for the 'MM' in chalk) and head up McDowell Avenue. (.5 miles approx.) 
-Run to the intersection of McDowell/Lincoln (this is a controlled intersection w/stop signs) (.75 miles approx..) 
-Run directly across the street into ‘Park Trail’ (there is signage). Follow Park Trail LEFT and continue to Amatury Loop (look for signs). Take a RIGHT on Bay Area Ridge Trail at Amatury Loop  & cross Park Blvd on Bay Area Ridge Trail (1.1 miles approx.) 

-At Rob Hill Campground follow Access Road LEFT to Washington Blvd (1.6 miles approx..)

-Follow Trail LEFT on Washington Blvd. to the Immigration Point Overlook (on the WEST side of Washington (1.8 miles approx.) At Immigrant Point Overlook take STAIRS down & Cross Lincoln Blvd. (2 miles approx..)

-Join Battery to Bluffs Trail (look for signage) & follow this trail until you run into Lincoln Blvd. again (2.5 miles approx.)
-Turn around here and head back for 5 MILES!

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