Thursday, August 01, 2013

Sunday Long Run Description (1/26/14)

We'll be launching Sunday's run from the same spot as we did last week on Crissy Field. We'll be logging between 4-7 miles depending upon your training level. Here's a link to the course map for your reference-

Sunday's Long Run Course Map

We'll head out along the Marina Promenade (the dirt path) towards the Warming Hut. As soon as you pass the Warming Hut (roughly 1/2 mile), take an immediate left and head towards Long Avenue.

You will head up Long Avenue for roughly 300 meters. Once you crest the hill, head LEFT on the paved bike path that runs parallel to Lincoln. You will be looking down onto Crissy Field, The Warming Hut, etc.

Continue running on the paved path on Lincoln for roughly 1/4 of a mile and you will see a narrow paved bike/pedestrian path (Patten Road) veer left and downhill. Follow this path.

You will run along this path for about a 1/4 of mile before the path reconnects with Lincoln. Continue running on the sidewalk adjacent to Lincoln.

Continue running along the sidewalk adjacent to Lincoln past the cemetery (on your right). Follow Lincoln as it veers left behind the Walt Disney Museum. Continue running on the sidewalk adjacent to Lincoln.

You will eventually reach the Transit Cafe at 215 Lincoln. Look for a MM4 in chalk here. EVERYONE will turn around here and head back towards our starting point. Feel free to use the restrooms and/or water fountain at the cafe before you turn around. Beginner runners will have completed 4 MILES upon returning to our starting point at Crissy Field!

Everyone else will continue running EAST on the Promenade towards East Beach. Upon reaching East Beach (roughly 1/2 mile later) you will see a large parking lot (East Beach parking lot) on your RIGHT. Intermediate runners will turn around here and head back to the start for 5 MILES!

Advanced and Race level runners will continue running past East Beach and eventually you will end up in a small parking lot by Little Marina Green. Veer RIGHT and follow the dirt path towards Marina Boulevard.

Take a LEFT on Marina Boulevard and head towards the Marina Green. At Marina & Divisadero, you will see a MM6 in chalk on the ground. Advanced runners will turn around here and head back to the start for 6 MILES!

Race level runners run just past the Marina Green until you see the Marina Fitness Court on your LEFT. Additionally, there will be a MM7 in chalk on the path. Turn around here and head back to the start for 7 MILES!

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