Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Epic Run #3-A Run in the Park...

Epic Run #3 is called 'A Run in the Park'. We launch from the Beach Chalet, but we'll be covering very different territory than we did last week.

We will cover most of our miles in Golden Gate Park, but there are a number of detours/side trips, so review the map and description carefully. This one is about 9.5 miles long. We will start/finish at The Beach Chalet parking lot located at 1000 Great Highway @ Ocean Beach

Epic Run #3-A Run in the Park Course Map!

Here's a description of the course we'll be traveling...
-We'll head behind the Beach Chalet and follow the dirt trail towards Lincoln. After roughly half a mile, the trail will run into Martin Luther King adjacent to the windmill. 
-Take a quick RIGHT turn and head towards Lincoln. Take a LEFT turn on the dirt trail parallel to Lincoln.
-Follow the dirt trail for roughly two miles until you reach 16th Avenue. Take a RIGHT on 16th Avenue. 
-Follow 16th Avenue for just over half a mile (you will climb a decent set of stairs to continue on 16th) until you reach Moraga. 
-Take a LEFT on Moraga and head up the 'Mosaic Steps' to the top of Grand View Park. Take in the EPIC view and head down the other side of Grand View Park and run to Funston Ave. 
-Turn LEFT on Funston and follow Funston for just over half a mile until you reach Lincon Ave.
-Turn RIGHT on Lincoln until you reach 9th Avenue. Turn LEFT on 9th Avenue and continue running through Golden Gate Park via Martin Luther King. 
-After roughly 1/2 a mile you will turn RIGHT onto Stow Lake Drive and head up towards Stow Lake. Head WEST around Stow Lake. Head downhill towards JFK. 
-Turn RIGHT on JFK off Stow Lake Drive. Run along JFK for roughly 1/4 of a mile. Take a LEFT towards the Rose Garden. 
-Run roughly 200 meters through the Rose Garden and then take a sharp right turn onto the dirt trail.
-Follow this dirt trail roughly 1/4 of a mile until you run into JFK. Turn RIGHT on JFK. 
-Continue running on JFK for roughly 3/4 of a mile until you reach JFK/Transverse. Take a RIGHT on Transverse and then shortly after take a LEFT onto the dirt trail. 
-Follow the dirt trail for just over 1/2 a mile until you run into Lake Spreckels. Take a LEFT on Lake Spreckels until you run back into JFK. 
-Run DIRECTLY across JFK towards the Golden Gate Park Polo Field. Do a loop around the polo field and head back to JFK. 
-Turn LEFT on JFK and follow until you run into a T-intersection (JFK/Bernice Rodgers Way). Turn RIGHT to continue running on JFK towards the Beach Chalet. 
-Continue on JFK until you reach the Great Highway. Turn LEFT on Great Highway and return to the Beach Chalet!

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