Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Presidio Trail Run 4.5 Miles (6/5/13)

Here's a link to the course map for our Presidio trail run-

Presidio Trail Run Course Map

Below is a turn by turn description of the course we'll be traveling. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for flour arrows on the trails and chalk markings ('SB') at key junctures indicating where to go.

Join Bay Trail out of SB Presidio
Take a Left up Park Trail
Take a Right on Bay Area Ridge Trail at Amatury Loop
Cross Park Blvd on Bay Area Ridge Trail
at Rob Hill Campground follow Access Road to Washington Blvd
Follow Trail Left on Washington Blvd
At Immigrant Point Overlook take Trail down to Battery to Bluffs Trail/Lincoln Blvd
Cross Lincoln Blvd
Join Battery to Bluffs Trail and follow that
Continue onto California Coastal Trail
Join Battery East Trail
Take a Left onto Crissy Field Ave follow trail down
Rejoin Bay Trail along Mason Street
Follow Bay Trail back to SB Presidio
For more details of the trails we'll be traversing, click on the link below, select "Trails & Overlooks" and then from the drop down choose just "Trails".

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