Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge 6.5 Mile Route (6/5/13)

This is an out/back course that will take you across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Here's a link to the course map-

Golden Gate Bridge 6.5 Mile Route

We'll launch our run from Old Mason Street just outside Sports Basement and head WEST towards the Warming Hut.

Upon reaching the Warming Hut , you will run past the Warming Hut and take an IMMEDIATE left to head towards LONG AVENUE. Long Avenue is effectively a short hill that heads up towards Lincoln.

Head up Long Avenue along the shoulder for roughly 200 meters until you reach a stop sign. This is LINCOLN. Take a right on to the paved cyclist/pedestrian path and follow this path to your right. Stick to this path as it heads towards the Golden Gate Bridge. 

You will follow the path for roughly 1/2 a mile. There will be a few points at which the path may fork, but stick to the MAIN path. You will soon see the Golden Gate Bridge approaching.

You will reach a point where you can continue running and run underneath the bridge or take a hairpin LEFT and wind your way up to the pedestrian side of the bridge. You want to do the LATTER and turn left and head onto the pedestrian side of the bridge.  

Continue running on the pedestrian side of the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to the visitor center. Once you reach the visitor center, grab some water, use the restroom if you need to, and head back to the Basement for 6.5 MILES!

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