Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Epic Run #2-Conquer The Coast

Epic Run #2 is called 'Conquer The Coast'. Similar to Epic Run #1, this course includes a little bit of everything. We'll spend some time on Land's End Trail, explore the Sea Cliff neighborhood, do a few side trips for some spectacular views, and more!

This one is about 8.5 miles long. We will start/finish at The Beach Chalet parking lot located at 1000 Great Highway @ Ocean Beach

Epic Run #2-Conquer the Coast Course Map!

Here's a description of the course we'll be traveling...
-We'll get things started with the 'Chariots of Fire' warmup. We'll log one mile out/back on Ocean Beach. We'll run roughly from in front of the Beach Chalet to Great Highway/Lawton before turning around and heading back. 
-Head NORTH on the sidewalk adjacent to the Great Highway uphill towards the Cliff House. 
-Shortly after cresting the hill and passing the Cliff House, you will veer LEFT onto Sutro Baths Upper Trail. 
-Sutro Baths Upper Trail will connect to Lands End Trail after roughly .25 mile. Continue running on Lands End Trail
-After running on Lands End Trail for roughly 3/4 of a mile, you will veer LEFT for a quick detour to Eagle Point Labyrinth. Turn around at Eagle Point and come back to Lands End Trail. 
-Turn LEFT on Lands End Trail and continue running until you end on Camino Del Mar.
-Follow El Camino Del Mar until you run into Sea Cliff Ave. Take a sharp LEFT turn and head down Sea Cliff Ave. to China Beach Park.Turn around and come back up Sea Cliff Avenue. 
-Continue on Sea Cliff Avenue until you run into 27th Ave. Take a RIGHT on 27th and then take another RIGHT to get back on El Camino Del Mar. Continue running on El Camino Del Mar.
-Continue on Camino Del Mar PAST the entrance to Land's End Trail and continue until you reach the Legion of Honor on your LEFT. Do a quick loop through the Legion of Honor parking lot and continue running WEST on El Camino Del Mar.
-El Camino Del Mar runs into the main parking lot for Land's End Trail. Veer left through the parking lot and continue running on El Camino Del Mar until you run into Point Lobos Ave. 
-Turn RIGHT on Point Lobos Ave. and downhill towards the Cliff House.
-Once past the Cliff House, continue running downhill and Point Lobos Ave. turns into Great Highway.
-Follow the Great Highway back to the Beach Chalet!

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