Thursday, June 20, 2013

Epic Run #1-Taste The Trail...

Epic Run #1 is called 'Taste The Trail'. While this run is not exclusively on the trails, a reasonable amount of it takes place on the trails. That being said, these are not super technical trails. So, a pair of standard road running shoes will likely work just fine.

This one is about 9.5 miles long. We will start/finish at Sports Basement. Rest assured, there will be snacks, drinks, and more at the end of this EPIC run! :)

Epic Run #1-Taste The Trail Course Map!

Here's a description of the course we'll be traveling...
-Turn left onto Old Mason Street from Sports Basement pkg lot and follow for roughly half a mile until you reach the intersection of Mason/Crissy Field Ave. Turn LEFT (look for the ‘E’ in chalk) and head up McDowell Avenue.
-Run to the intersection of McDowell/Lincoln (this is a controlled intersection w/stop signs)
-Run directly across the street into ‘Park Trail’ (there is signage). Follow Park Trail LEFT and continue to Amatury Loop (look for signs). Take a RIGHT on Bay Area Ridge Trail at Amatury Loop  & cross Park Blvd on Bay Area Ridge Trail
-At Rob Hill Campground follow Access Road LEFT to Washington Blvd
-Follow Trail LEFT on Washington Blvd. to the Immigration Point Overlook (on the WEST side of Washington. At Immigrant Point Overlook take STAIRS down & Cross Lincoln Blvd.
-Turn LEFT once you've crossed Lincoln and run along the trail adjacent to the shoulder of the road overlooking the ocean.
-Run for roughly 1/4-1/2 mile until you see a trail on your right heading downhill. Veer right and follow this trail down towards Baker Beach.
-At the bottom of the hill, the trail veers LEFT in front of some bunkers adjacent to Baker Beach. Run past these bunkers and into the parking lot for Baker Beach.
-Run through the parking lot and follow Battery Chamberlain Road to Gibson Road. Turn LEFT on Gibson Road and head uphill until you reach Bowley Street. Turn RIGHT on Bowley Street and follow Bowley until it connects with Lincoln/El Camino Del Mar.
-Follow Lincoln/El Camino Del Mar RIGHT towards Seacliff.
-You will run along El Camino Del Mar until you reach Land's End Trail.
-Continue running on Land's End Trail all the way to the Land's End Lookout Visitor Center. You can use the restrooms/water fountains here before turning around and heading back.
-Follow Land's End Trail back to El Camino Del Mar.
-Follow El Camino Del Mar back in the direction of Baker Beach. Get on the RIGHT SIDE of El Camino Del Mar when you reach 25th Street.
-Just prior to Bowley Street you will see a parking lot and some buildings on your RIGHT. 
-Turn RIGHT (look for chalk markings) onto Lobos Creek Trail. This is a wooden pathway that you will follow behind the parking lot/buildings. 
-Eventually Lobos Creek Trail (the wooden portion) dead ends into a dirt/sand trail that you will follow RIGHT. Follow this dirt/sand trail until you run into Wedemeyer Street. 
-Turn LEFT onto Wedemeyer Street. Wedemeyer turns into Battery Caufield Road. 
-Follow Battery Caufield Road until you run into Washington Blvd. Turn RIGHT on Washington Blvd.
-Follow Washington for a short stretch (1/4-1/2 mile) until you see a road to the left. This is Compton. Turn LEFT on Compton and follow this road until it runs directly into a trail. This is Park Trail.
-Turn RIGHT onto Park Trail. Follow Park Trail back to Lincoln/Mcdowell and head back to Sports Basement! 

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