Monday, May 20, 2013

Tuesday Marina Run Description (10/13/15)

You will be logging between 4-7 miles depending upon your training level. The link below should give you a relatively clear sense of where we're going. I've also included a verbal description beneath it:



In short, we will head NORTH from the Marina Green Monkey Bars on along Marina Boulevard until we reach the intersection of Mason/Halleck. Continue running on the paved path along Mason past SportsBasement. Shortly after we pass SportsBasement, there is a lengthy straight stretch and a funny looking metal power box on your RIGHT. This is 1.5 miles.

Continue past the 1.5 mile mark along the paved path. After roughly 200 meters you will approach the intersection of Mason and Crissy Field Avenue. There is a stop sign and a pedestrian crosswalk here. You will take a quick RIGHT on Crissy Field Avenue and head uphill. Once you've crested the hill you have logged 2 MILES! Beginner level runners will turn around and head back to the monkey bars for 4 MILES!

Everyone else will turn LEFT on Lincoln and continue running towards the Presidio. You'll be looking down at Crissy Field once you're on Lincoln. Enjoy the AWESOME view! Continue running along the sidewalk/shoulder of Lincoln for roughly half a mile until you reach the intersection of Lincoln/Mcdowell. This is 2.5 MILES.  I will try to put down a 'MM 5' in chalk on the ground for your reference. Intermediate level runners turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 5 MILES!

Advanced and Race level runners will turn RIGHT and head up Park Trail. Look for flour arrows on the trail and follow them accordingly.

Follow Park Trail LEFT and continue to Amatury Loop (look for signs). Take a RIGHT on Bay Area Ridge Trail at Amatury Loop and cross Park Blvd on Bay Area Ridge Trail. Shortly after crossing over onto Bay Area Ridge Trail, look for a 'MM' in flour. This is the turnaround point for Advanced level runners. Turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 6 MILES!

Race level runners will continue on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Again, follow the flour markings on the trail. You will eventually reach the Rob Hill Campground Area.
At Rob Hill Campground follow Access Road LEFT to Washington Blvd. Follow Trail LEFT on Washington Blvd. to the Immigration Point Overlook (on the WEST side of Washington. (3.4 miles). 
Look for a MM7 in chalk and turn around. Head back to the monkey bars for 7 MILES!


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