Friday, March 15, 2013

Sunday Recovery (Trail) Run Description (3/17/13)

I know many of you wanted to do my B(run)ch event last week, but wanted to get your long run in as well.

Sunday's recovery (trail) run

With this in mind, Sunday's recovery run involves a brief taste of the trail. Here's the lowdown...

We'll launch from the Transit Cafe at 215 Lincoln Avenue towards Montgomery Avenue. We'll turn LEFT on Montgomery on the sidewalk until we reach the intersection of Montgomery/Sheridan. At this intersection we will turn RIGHT and run past the cemetery.

Sheridan turns into Lincoln and eventually runs into McDowell. This is a controlled 4-way intersection with stop signs.

Run LEFT directly across the street onto ‘Park Trail’ (there is signage). Follow Park Trail LEFT and continue to Amatury Loop (look for signs).

Take a RIGHT on Bay Area Ridge Trail at Amatury Loop & cross Park Blvd on Bay Area Ridge Trail.

At Rob Hill Campground follow Access Road LEFT to Washington Blvd.

Follow Trail LEFT on Washington Blvd. to the Immigration Point Overlook (on the WEST side of Washington.

At Immigrant Point Overlook take STAIRS down until you reach Lincoln Blvd. Turn around here and head back to the Transit Cafe for 4 MILES!

*NOTE-I will mark this course with chalk markings and flour on the trail as much as I can.

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