Monday, January 07, 2013

I run because I seek resolution...

It's the new year so everyone's thinking about, talking about, and proclaiming to the universe their resolutions. People talk about losing weight, getting into shape, or drinking less (among other things).

Pulling off any of the aforementioned is great. But, one of the ways resolution is defined is 'the act of answering : solving'. When I think of resolution(s), I inevitably think of things left 'unresolved' or unanswered. What was left unanswered last year?

I trained my ass off in the early part of 2012 and managed to complete a 50K followed by an agonizing 50 mile race. What was this really about and where do I go with these experiences?

I don't really know. I want to cleanse my palate with another 50 mile race as my first one was pretty unpalatable. But, I don't have the time or energy to do it anytime soon...or at least not this year.

I'm a few months away from co-producing my first trail race (The Sasquatch Scramble). I never really thought about producing trail races before, but perhaps this endeavor is part of the answer to the first question.

Maybe creating an event that introduces people to the beauty and 'zen' of the trail in an event not quite as daunting as a 50K or a 50 miler is part of what this ultra distance sojourn was all about.

I've been wanting to create my own races for a couple years, but struggled to find the right way to do it. Perhaps 'finding a way' to conquer 50 miles inspired me to simply 'find a way' to produce my first race.

For over seven years, I have sought a way to pull off 26.2 miles in 2:39:59 or faster. Despite my best efforts, I came up short on this goal once again in 2012. Once again, the question of whether or not I will ever be able to post this time looms large in my mind.

Maybe better weather on race day is the answer. Maybe a different venue is the answer. Maybe a longer, more demanding training cycle is the answer. Or..perhaps the answer is that I just am not meant to pull it off.

The last answer doesn't resonate for me too much. It could be the answer, but I doubt it. I do know I am resolved to exploring every possible avenue for getting the answers to the questions that were left unanswered in 2012.

So, while I would never discourage one from losing weight, getting into shape, or drinking less, I would encourage all of you to broaden your resolution 'horizon'.

Can you go farther, can you go faster, or can you go a bit deeper? In nearly 8+ years of coaching I've found that virtually everyone can.

I run because I seek resolution.

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