Friday, September 07, 2012

Sunday Recovery Run (9/9/12)

Everyone will be logging 6 miles for Sunday's recovery run. Here's a link to the course map for your reference-

Sunday's Golden Gate Park Run

We will be launching from the top of the staircase that leads down to the ballfield and heading WEST on Martin Luther King. We will run along MLK for roughly half a mile before turning RIGHT onto Stow Lake Drive.

We will run clockwise around Stow Lake and eventually run into John F. Kennedy. Turn RIGHT onto JFK and get on the LEFT side of the street.

You will follow JFK through Golden Gate Park all the way to the intersection of JFK/Stanyan. From here cross over on to the RIGHT side of the panhandle (the side that runs parallel to Oak Street) and follow the path all the way to the intersection of Oak/Masonic. This is 3 MILES!

Turn around and head back the way you came for a total of 6 MILES!

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