Friday, March 30, 2012

Determination Sunday Recovery Run (4/1)

OK, Determinators. You've earned a bit of a breather this Sunday. The course we're running is identical to the one we covered two weeks ago.

Here's a link to the course map-

Sunday's Course Map

We'll be launching from our usual spot on the Marina Promenade and heading EAST towards the Marina Green. Once the Promenade hits the parking lot (just over a half mile in) veer RIGHT and head towards Marina Boulevard.

Turn LEFT onto Marina Boulevard and run all the way to the Marina Green Monkey Bars just past the intersection of Marina/Fillmore. This is 1.5 MILES. Half Marathoners turn around here and head back to the start for a total of 3 MILES!

Marathoners will continue running along Marina Boulevard past the Marina Green Monkey Bars past the Marina Safeway (it will be on your right).

Shortly after passing the Marina Safeway, the paved path will head up Fort Mason Hill and head down into Aquatic Park. Run through Aquatic Park and into Fisherman's Wharf (you will be on Jefferson Street).

Continue on Jefferson Street through Fisherman's Wharf until you reach the intersection of Jefferson/Powell. This is a controlled, 4 way intersection with stoplights.

There is an art gallery on the right side of this intersection. This is 3 MILES. Marathoners turn around here and head back to the start for a total of 6 MILES!

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