Monday, January 02, 2012

Spring Fling Lowdown

Some of you participated in my Cyber Monday game on Facebook & scored some excellent discounts off all my programs in 2012!

Given the positive response to this promotion, I'm doing something similar with my 'Spring Fling' game running from 1/3-1/6!

This promotion will be similar to the Cyber Monday promotion with a few wrinkles. Here's how it will work:

1)'Like' the Marathon Matt page.

It's easy. Click the link below, click the 'thumbs up' like button on the top of the page and you're set!

Marathon Matt Fan Page

2)Stay tuned to the riddles I post on the Marathon Matt page between Tues, 1/3 & Fri, 1/6.

Here's a sample riddle for you...

'This runner once owned the American record between 2,000-10,000 meters. He was known as a bit of an iconoclast and took on the AAU. His performance at the 1972 Olympics in the 5,000 meters is considered one of the greatest of all time despite his fourth place finish. He died tragically in a car accident. The last name of this individual is a discount code for Spring 13.1 good for $15 off!' (ANSWER-PREFONTAINE).

Unlike the Cyber Monday game, I WON'T be posting every hour on the hour. Riddles can be posted at anytime between 10AM-5PM.

You'll need to be on your toes. It's possible some riddles/discounts will only be valid for 30 minutes. Others may be valid for two hours.

Unlike Cyber Monday, the Spring Fling game will be live for several DAYS (Tues. 1/3-Fri.1/6 from 10AM-5PM).

3)Score discounts on my Spring programs (Oaktown 13.1 (1/8) & Spring 13.1 (2/18)).

The 'Spring Fling' moniker probably tipped you off, but the discounts I'll be extending are ONLY applicable to my SPRING programs (Oaktown 13.1 & Spring 13.1).

Unlike the Cyber Monday game, there won't necessarily be a consistent increase in riddle difficulty and discount amount.

This means a $30 discount may randomly appear in association with a particularly tough riddle that's live for 30 minutes only to be followed a few hours later by a softball riddle only good for $10 off.

You can get a leg up now by simply 'liking' the Marathon Matt page-

Become a Marathon Matt Fan!

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