Thursday, December 29, 2011

Matt's Power Turkey Chili

Ingredients: 1.5 pounds of ground turkey, a cerrano pepper (finely minced), one medium yellow onion (chopped), ginger (one tablespoon finely minced), 3-4 cloves of garlic (pressed), a can of Guinness, a can of tomato paste, one can of kidney beans, one can of black beans, quinoa (one cup), a large can of whole tomatoes, one carrot (chopped), one ear of corn (just the kernals), chili powder, chipotle powder, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and curry powder.


Saute the onion, cerrano pepper, garlic, and ginger in 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil until onions are soft.

Brown turkey in the aforementioned. Once the turkey is browned, pour the can of Guinness in and reduce for a few minutes.

Add tomato paste and the large can of tomatoes (with tomato juice). Make sure to break/crush the whole tomatoes.

Add the chopped carrots and corn kernals.

Mix in 3 tablespoons of chili powder, 3 tablespoons of chipotle powder. Through in a dash of cumin, coriander, curry, and cinnamon.

Mix in the kidney beans and black beans and let simmer for 5-10 minutes on low/medium heat.

Add a cup of quinoa (if desired) and cook until quinoa is soft/tender. Be advised the chili will be quite thick after mixing in the quinoa.

I like my chili pretty spicy/hot, so I sometimes add additional chipotle and/or chili powder.

Matt's Chicken Quinoa Soup

Matt's Chicken Quinoa Soup

-4-6 cups of chicken broth
-Chicken from one rotisserie chicken (from Andronico's, Whole Foods, Costco, etc.)
-2 carrots chopped
-2 red peppers chopped
-8 roasted/smashed garlic cloves
-1 can of corn
-salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme (season to taste)

Combine all of the aforementioned in a pot and simmer/boil gently for 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare two cups of quinoa (roughly 15-20 minutes). When the quinoa is light/fluffy, combine it with the soup. DONE!

Saturday Long Run Description (12/21/13)

On Saturday, we'll be logging between 7-11 miles depending upon your training level. Here's a link to the course map-

Saturday Long Run Course Map

In short, we will head NORTH from the Marina Green Monkey Bars along Marina Boulevard. Just over a ¼ mile into our run we will take a RIGHT through the grass volleyball court area towards the Marina Promenade.

Continue running along the promenade (this is a dirt trail) all the way to the Warming Hut (for the uninitiated, the Warming Hut is A BIG WHITE BUILDING WITH TABLES AND BENCHES IN FRONT OF IT. Hopefully, it will be hard to miss). The Warming Hut is 2 MILES. There are water fountains and a restroom here if you need either.

Continue past the Warming Hut onto a paved road that goes past a series of buildings (including some restrooms). You will pass these buildings and continue running along this path next to the water towards the base of the bridge. The path curves around and dead ends at 'Hoppers Hands'. This is 2.5 MILES.

Turn around here and head back to the monkey bars. By the time you get back to the monkey bars, you will have 5 MILES under your belt. Grab some water, pop a GU or Gel if you need to, and head SOUTH towards the Marina Safeway to pick up your extra mileage.

Crest Fort Mason Hill and head down into Aquatic Park. Run along the waterfront until you reach the end of Aquatic Park/edge of Fisherman's Wharf. Beginners will turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 7 MILES!

Everyone else will continue running through Aquatic Park and into Fisherman's Wharf. You will be on Jefferson. Please keep a watchful eye for tourists, cyclists, and other traffic in Fisherman's Wharf. Continue running to the intersection of Jefferson/Powell. There is a large Art Gallery on the right. This is 1.5 miles from the Marina Green Monkey Bars. Intermediate runners will turn around here and head back to the Marina Green Monkey Bars for 8 MILES!

Everyone else will running along Jefferson which will eventually turn into the Embarcadero. At the intersection of Embarcadero & Bay there is a Hillstone restaurant on the right. This is 2 MILES from the Marina Green Monkey Bars. Advanced runners turn around here. Once you reach the monkey bars, you will have logged 9 MILES!

Race level runners will continue past Embarcadero & Bay all the way to the main entrance of the Ferry Building. Be careful when you reach the Ferry Building as the Farmer's Market will be taking place. This is 3 MILES. Race level runners will turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 11 MILES!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tuesday's Satellite Run Description (10/1/13)

Tuesday's satellite run launches from outside 333 3rd Street between Folsom/Harrison.

If you need to use the restroom, change, and/or store some personal items, head up to PSOAS in Suite 205.

This route is a 'mash up' of sorts that includes running past the Ferry Building and running towards AT&T Park for those running more than 4 miles.

Here's a link to the course map-

Tuesday's Downtown Satellite Run Course Map

We will cross Folsom from 3rd Street onto the sidewalk and take a right. We will run along Folsom all the way to the Embarcadero. We will cross the street and take a LEFT onto the Embarcadero.

Run along the Embarcadero to the intersection of Embarcadero and Broadway. This is 1.5 MILES. Beginners will turn around here and head back to PSOAS for 3 MILES.

Everyone else will continue running along the Embarcadero to the intersection of Embarcadero/Bay. Look for the Houston's Restaurant on the LEFT side of the Embarcadero. This is 2 miles. Intermediate runners will turn around here and head back to PSOAS for 4 MILES!

Advanced and Race level runners will run PAST Embarcadero/Folsom and continue running towards AT&T Park. Continue running until you reach the intersection of Embarcadero/Brannan. ADVANCED level runners will turn around here and head back to PSOAS for 5 MILES.

Race level runners will continue running towards AT&T Park until you reach the intersection of Embarcadero (now King Street) and 3rd. RACE runners will turn around here and head back to PSOAS for 6 MILES.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturday Long Run Description (12/15/12)

We'll be running through Golden Gate Park for Saturday's run. a few things to keep in mind before I dive into the details:

1)You will be running gradually uphill for the first half of your run!
This course isn't terribly steep, but there is a GRADUAL uphill for much of the first half of the run. Keep this in mind as you may need to dial back your pacing a bit when you head out.

2)Watch your footing!
There's a reasonable amount of this run that will take place on a dirt path/fire road. This means small rocks, tree roots (sometimes), and uneven ground at times. I don't want to see anyone take a tumble. Stay tuned in! This is particularly important for those of you who wear MP3 PLAYERS! Stay particularly alert on the RETURN when you will likely be a bit fatigued and traveling gradually DOWNHILL!

3)Water Stops. Roughly a mile into the run (not too far after you pass the Bison Paddocks on the left) there is water fountain on the LEFT adjacent to Lake Spreckles. Also there is a water fountain at the intersection of JFK/Transverse on the LEFT side of JFK. These descriptions will make more sense once you read my course description below.

Ok, enough of the preamble. Let's get down to it! Here is a link to the course map-

Saturday's Long Run Course Map

Below is a description of the route:


Beginners will head NORTH from the Beach Chalet and promptly take a right turn to get onto JFK. You will run along the dirt path for about a quarter of a mile until you come to a stop sign. Turn LEFT at this stop sign at the pedestrian crosswalk onto the dirt path running along JFK.

You will continue running along this path for some time. As you close in on the first mile you will see the 'Bison Paddock' on your left. Shortly after you pass the paddock, you will see Lake Spreckles on the left. If you need water, cross the pedestrian crosswalk over to Lake Spreckles and you will see the water fountain on your left.

Continue running on the dirt path for close to a mile and you will eventually come to a 4 way stop at the intersection of JFK/Transverse. This is roughly 2 miles. If you cross over to the LEFT side of JFK, you will find another water fountain. *NOTE-IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PATH FOR THIS RUN! IT IS OK TO CROSS OVER TO THE LEFT FOR H20, BUT GET BACK OVER TO THE RIGHT SIDE TO CONTINUE YOUR RUN!

Continue running on the RIGHT side of the dirt path past JFK/Transverse for roughly a mile. You will see a stop sign and traffic joining JFK from 'Conservatory Way'. (this is just prior to the Flower Observatory) There is a pedestrian crosswalk here. THIS IS 3 MILES! LOOK FOR A 'MM 6' IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PATH (The path is paved at this juncture). Turn around here and head back to the Beach Chalet for 6 MILES!!


Same course as beginners, BUT CROSS OVER TO THE LEFT SIDE OF JFK AT THE 'MM 6' MARK. Run past the Flower Observatory and follow JFK all the way to STANYAN. This is a controlled intersection with traffic lights. Once you get to JFK/Stanyan, this is 3.5 miles. Turn around here and head back to the Beach Chalet for 7 MILES!


Advanced runners will run through the intersection of JFK/Stanyan and onto the panhandle (the strip of land that runs between Oak/Fell). Run on the RIGHT side of the Panhandle! You will run along the panhandle for roughly half a mile along OAK. One block PAST Oak & Masonic (again, this is a controlled intersection with stoplights), keep your eyes peeled for OAK and CENTRAL. There will be a 'MM 8' in chalk in the middle of the road. Turn around and head back to the Beach Chalet for 8 MILES!


Race level runners will also turn around at Oak/Central and return to the Beach Chalet. To pick up your additional mileage, you will run along the Great Highway until your reach the intersection of Great Highway and Lawton. There will be a 'MM10' in chalk at this intersection. Turn around here and head back to the Beach Chalet for 10 MILES!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Movies that move...

Given the shorter days, longer nights, and inclement weather often associated with winter, it’s understandable that many runners may not be as inspired as they normally are to head out and get in the miles.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration to run when it’s dark and stormy, taking in an inspiring flick may be just what the doctor ordered.

Whatever it is you find daunting, chances are someone else has endured and overcome something more challenging. It’s also likely that it’s been captured on film in some way, shape, or form.

So, without any further ado, here are a few excellent ‘movies that move’.

The Endurance

While there is a documentary about Haile Gebrselassie called Endurance (which admittedly and embarrassingly, I haven’t seen), The Endurance is a decidedly different film that has nothing to do with running, but in some ways everything to do with running.

The Endurance is about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition across the Antarctic continent from 1914-1916. To put things in perspective, the idea of crossing the Antarctic continent during this time was as daunting and challenging as going to the moon was in the 1960’s. In short, no one had ever crossed the Antarctic continent and death was considered a near certainty.

The film includes some staggering current day footage of Antarctica that is inspiring and terrifying. Simply put, this is a place that manages to be one of the most beautiful and simultaneously hostile places on the planet. Combined with this footage is archival footage taken on the actual expedition itself. You see firsthand just how harsh the conditions were and what Shackleton and his men endured.

What Shackleton and his crew ‘endure’ is simply unfathomable. Without giving too much away, there’s simply no way you can’t be inspired after sitting through a viewing of this film.

The Endurance while not directly about running underscores the idea that consistency, commitment, and the ability to persevere despite adverse circumstances are the keys to moving forward. Sound familiar?

More information about The Endurance can be found at:

The Long Green Line

How can you not love a film that features a coach who fires off inspiring quips such as ‘However fast you are running, RUN FASTER!’

Coach Joe Newton is the kind of coach other coaches (present company included) aspire to be. While he has exhaustive knowledge of the sport of running, he also has an infectious passion that never fails to inspire his young pupils. He is the perfect storm.

Coach Newton has passed along running knowledge and life lessons to THOUSANDS of impressionable young men for 50+ years. His cross-country program at York High School is a staggering assemblage of nearly 100 runners who actively recruit for the cross-country team at Newton’s behest every season.

To give you some sense of Newton’s power and influence, more kids try out for cross-country than football at York High School. If you’ve ever wondered what an elite level high school cross country program looks like, The Long Green Line gives you a pretty good idea of what it looks like.

The Long Green Line is a film that will resonate for anyone who runs. But, the film will particularly resonate for anyone who aspires to be a coach, who currently coaches, or anyone who’s been touched by a coach. So, it’s a film that will resonate for just about anyone.

The Long Green Line can currently be viewed on Hulu for FREE-

For more details about the film, go to-

Touching the Void

Once again, this film is not necessarily about running per se, but there are many elements of this film that will resonate for runners.

Touching the Void is based on a book of the same title about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates’ disastrous and nearly fatal attempt to climb the 20,813 foot Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.

After successfully ascending the previously unclimbed West Face of the Siula Grande, Simpson suffers a broken leg during the descent. Yates and Simpson decide to lower Simpson via ropes in the middle of a nasty storm.

Yates can’t see where he’s lowering Simpson and the former eventually drops him off a cliff. Suspended in mid-air by the rope, Yates has no idea what the condition of his friend is. After waiting an hour, Yates cuts the rope to save his life assuming Simpson is dead.

The movie while not exclusively a documentary is filmed in cinema verite style lending an air of realism to the film that makes you feel like you’re right there with Joe and Simon in the midst of a perilous climb that nearly claimed both of their lives.

Interspersed with the powerful recreated footage of the climb are poignant interviews with Joe, Simon, and several other key individuals involved with the doomed Siula Grande ascent.

One of the most powerful lessons I have learned as a runner is to cling to hope even when I’m deep in the valley of fatigue and despair. There is no film I’ve seen that more vividly underscores this message or better conveys the power of the human spirit more than Touching The Void.

Touching the Void can be viewed via instant streaming on Netflix.

Additional information about the film can be found at:

Unbreakable: The Western States 100

Rounding things out is Unbreakable: The Western States 100. I was extraordinarily fortunate to be in a position to host the world premiere of this stellar documentary to a packed house of over 300 passionate runners and ultra runners.

For the uninitiated, The Western States 100 is effectively the ‘Boston Marathon’ of ultras. Attracting the best ultra runners on the planet regularly, the 2010 edition of the event was particularly special. Four undefeated ultra runners (Hal Koerner, Geoff Roes, Anton Krupicka, and Killian Jornet) toed the line. Only one would remain ‘unbroken’ at the end of the day.

Director JB Benna is a hardcore ultra runner himself and this comes through powerfully in every frame of this exceptional documentary. JB vividly captures the energy, passion, and characters that make up the ultra community.

The characters are compelling. The story is riveting. The cinematography is stellar. The editing is nearly seamless. The music is exceptional. Unbreakable: The Western States 100 is the best documentary about running I have ever seen.

If you’re a runner (or ultra runner), there’s no way you’ll walk away unaffected. If you abhor running and can’t even fathom ultra running, I can’t imagine you won’t find yourself having second thoughts.

The film was just released and there are screenings taking place all over the country. You can also pre-order DVD’s. FYI, if you place your DVD order before 12/16, you can get yours before Christmas.

All the details are at