Sunday, November 13, 2011

The 99 Percent Discount

While the holiday season is often positioned as the happiest time of the year, for many it is a stressful, depressing, and lonely time. This is particularly the case for those who are unemployed or experiencing financial hardship.

The everyday stress of paying the rent (or mortgage), bills, and living expenses becomes more pronounced during the holidays. It's also a very difficult period of time for anyone who is unemployed as there generally isn't much hiring done during the holiday season.

Running is a natural anti-depressant. Running in the company of others provides a sense of community that may very well be lacking for those who are unemployed.

With this in mind, I'm extending a 99 percent discount ($1.50 versus $150) to 20 people interested in participating in my Touchdown 13.1 half marathon training program launching on Sat, 11/19 @ 9:30AM.

The baseline criteria for any interested party is they need to have been unemployed for a MINIMUM of 3 months.

Additionally, all applicants MUST be willing to post one blog entry a week talking about their experience training in the program.

Interested parties should send an email to 99PERCENT@MARATHONMATT.COM.

The subject line should indicate '99 percent discount applicant.' This email should include the following:

-A brief narrative describing(in 300 words or less) their current situation including how they feel training for a half marathon would improve their mood, spirits, etc.
-A resume
-A LinkedIn profile (if they have one)
-A professional reference who can be contacted via email or phone.

The deadline for submission is EOD 11/25. 20 people will be extended the 99 percent discount. Those selected will be contacted by EOD 11/27.


Carlos Almendarez said...

Very cool of you. Doesn't apply to me but glad you are helping people out.

woggingtortoise said...

It also doesn't apply to me. But, it is very cool of you to try to lift the spirits of some folks out there. The holidays are a tough time for many, especially with the economy the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, Matt. Very generous and cool of you. I hope that qualified folks will take you up on the offer.

Marathon Matt said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, folks! So glad you like it!

Please spread the word regarding this as I KNOW there are folks who would like to take advantage and I've got spaces for them!