Thursday, October 13, 2011

Long Run Course Description (10/15/11)

We've got a big one lined up for Saturday, folks! This is where champions are made and legends are born! Again, we're launching from the Beach Chalet parking lot at 1000 Great Highway at Ocean Beach. We will run a lengthy stretch along the Great Highway FIRST and get our remaining mileage in Golden Gate Park LAST. You will be logging between 10-14 miles depending upon your training level.

Here is a map link for Saturday's course-

Saturday's Run Course.

Here is a description of our course:

Everyone will head SOUTH from the Beach Chalet on the paved path running along the Great Highway. Everyone will run ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF THE GREAT HIGHWAY! The intersection of Great Highway and SLOAT is the end of the Great Highway. There’s a controlled intersection here and the paved path effectively ends. This is a 2.35 mile stretch. If you need to use the restroom and/or grab a drink of water you will need to cross the street and head WEST over to the rest area (this will be clear once you get there).

Turn around and head back to the Beach Chalet. This is admittedly a challenging stretch as it seems to go on FOREVER! Once you get back to the Beach Chalet, you will have 4.7 miles under your belt. Again, feel free to stop, knock back a gel and/or some water, use the restroom, etc.before you head into Golden Gate Park for your remaining mileage.

Head NORTH from the Beach Chalet and promptly take a right turn to get onto JFK. You will run along the dirt path for about a half a mile until you come to a stop sign. Turn LEFT at this stop sign at the pedestrian crosswalk onto the dirt path running along JFK. I will try to put some chalk down at this intersection indicating where to go.

You will continue running along this path for some time. As you close in on the first mile you will see the 'Bison Paddock' on your left. Shortly after you pass the paddock, you will see Lake Spreckles on the left. If you need water, cross the pedestrian crosswalk over to Lake Spreckles and you will see the water fountain on your left.

Continue running on the dirt path for close to a mile and you will eventually come to a 4 way stop at the intersection of JFK/Transverse. This is roughly 2 miles from the Beach Chalet. If you cross over to the LEFT side of JFK, you will find another water fountain.

Continue running on the RIGHT side of the dirt path past JFK/Transverse. Keep your eyes peeled for DeYoung Museum on your RIGHT. It’s kind of a funky looking building, hard to miss. LOOK FOR A PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET AND A ‘MM 10’ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PATH! Beginner runners will turn around here and head back to the Beach Chalet for 10 MILES!

Everyone else will continue running through the park. Roughly half a mile past the ‘MM 10’, you will come to an intersection in front of the Flower Observatory. This is JFK/OBSERVATORY WAY! There is a stop sign here and a pedestrian crosswalk. I will also put down a ‘MM 11’ in the middle of the path at this point. Intermediate level runners will turn around here and head back to the Beach Chalet for 11 MILES!

Advanced and Race level runners MUST cross over to the OTHER SIDE of JFK once you pass the ‘MM 11’! Continue running on the paved path until you reach the intersection of JFK/STANYAN. Look for a 'MM 12' in chalk at this intersection. Advanced level runners will turn around here and head back to the Beach Chalet for 12 MILES!

Race level runners will run through the intersection of JFK/Stanyan and ross over onto the panhandle that runs between OAK and FELL Street. You will run on the RIGHT side of the panhandle which is adjacent to OAK Street. KEEP RUNNING!

Keep your eyes peeled for the cross streets that intersect Oak Street. You will run for three quarters of a mile before you come to the intersection of OAK and LYON! LYON is 2 blocks past MASONIC. The intersection of OAK and MASONIC is controlled with a 4 way stop. This should make it easy to identify.

I will put down a ‘MM 14’ in the middle of the path at the intersection of OAK/LYON. Race level runners will turn around here and head back to the Beach Chalet for 13 MILES.

To pick up your extra mile and give you 14 miles for the day, you will want to run ACROSS the Great Highway via the pedestrian crosswalk as you return to the Beach Chalet from the park. Cross over to the other side of the Great Highway and run on the OCEAN side for roughly half a mile until you get to the base of a large hill that heads up towards the Cliff House. Turn around and head back to the Beach Chalet for 14 MILES!

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