Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunday Recovery Run Description (8/22/11)

You will be logging between 6 miles on Sunday. Here's a link to the course map for your reference-

Sunday's Recovery Run

Everyone will launch from the paved path to the RIGHT of the ballfield. You will follow this path behind the ballfield(s) and turn RIGHT onto Middle Drive East.

You will follow Middle Drive East towards John F. Kennedy Drive (the main drag in Golden Gate Park). Once you reach the intersection of Middle Drive East and JFK, you will cross over to the RIGHT side of JFK via the pedestrian crosswalk and turn LEFT on JFK.

Continue running along JFK into Golden Gate Park. Eventually you will pass the Stow Lake Pavilion which is on the LEFT off of Stow Lake Drive. Once you pass Stow Lake Drive you will see a YELLOW sign indicating '13'0 Clearance'. This is 1.5 miles. Continue running on the right side of JFK underneath the overpass and through the intersection of JFK/Transverse.

At this intersection there is a water fountain on the right if you need it. Shortly after you run through this intersection, you will pass 'Lloyd Lake' on your RIGHT. Just past this lake you will see a sign/banner for 'SF Rec & Park'. This is 2 miles. Keep running!

As you approach Lake Spreckles on the right you will have logged 2.5 miles. Cross over to the LEFT side of JFK. This side of JFK is a dirt path that gets a bit rocky at times, so please watch your footing carefully! You will be running slightly downhill for the next half mile until you reach the intersection of JFK and Chain of Lakes Drive East.

This is a controlled, four way stop intersection. This is 3 MILES from where we started. Turn around here and head back to the ballfield for a total of 6 MILES!

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