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Halloween 13.1 Prospective Participant FAQs

-I am 'slow'. Does it make sense for me to join your program?

'Slow' is a relative term. We have some runners who average 7-8:30 min./mile pace. But, the majority of our runners average 8:30-10:00 min./mile. But, we also have runners who average 10:30-12:00 min./mile. With an average roster of 150-200 runners, it is HIGHLY likely you will have plenty of runners to join you on your journey towards running a half marathon!

-Running is very new to me. Is this program right for me?

Our programs regularly attract beginner and intermediate runners by droves. It is our primary audience. So, if you consider yourself a 'beginner' (and this is a relative term as well), chances are you will fit in just fine. The first couple weeks of training at the beginner level entail running 2 miles a couple times/week with a longer run of 3-4 on Saturday. If this sounds manageable, you will likely fit in just fine in this program.

-Do you have any pace groups?

No. BUT, our groups always attract 100+ runners and 'organic' pace groups just naturally form during the course of the season. Something to keep in mind is that your pace will naturally increase over the course of the season. So, you may start out running 10:00/mile and towards the latter stages of training, a more comfortable pace for you might be 9:30/mile.

-My schedule is kind of crazy. I can't attend ALL of the workouts. Is this a problem?

Not at all. Obviously, we'd love to have you attend ALL the workouts, but if you can't, don't despair. You will have direction and clarity around what to do every single day during the course of the program. So, even if you can't attend every workout, you will know what to do on your own.

-How do I register?

The easiest way to register is online. Here is the link-

Halloween 13.1 Online Registration

Alternatively, you can call Matt at 415-572-4437 and he can sign you up over the phone via credit/debit card. Bear in mind that Matt is out of the country from 8/2-8/18 and will not be answering calls during this period. So, registering online is your only option from 8/2-8/18.

-I'm still a bit apprehensive. Can I come check the program out on Saturday, 8/20 @ 9:30AM?

Absolutely. You can some out on the morning of launch at the Marina Green Monkey Bars (adjacent to Marina/Fillmore) and simply 'test drive' the program. The day of launch is really more of a glorified orientation session than anything else. We're also hosting an AWESOME launch party at Lombardi Sports @ 1600 Jackson St @ Polk St following our first workout which you are more than welcome to join even if you don't sign up for the program.

-What are we doing for the first workout on Saturday, 8/20?

We are doing an EASY 2 MILE RUN (unless you are a 'Race' level runner). You can walk at certain points if you need to, but ideally we'd LOVE for you to cover the entire distance.

-YIKES! 2 Miles sounds like a LOT of running!

We don't expect you to set any landspeed records. Run the 2 miles as slow as you need to. You can take walk breaks if you like. Everyone from our previous program has completed two miles with no problems!

-Where do we meet for runs?

For most workouts we meet at the Marina Green monkey bars (adjacent to the intersection of Marina/Webster).

Here's a more detailed breakdown of when/where we meet:

On Tuesdays you have '2' options in the evening(1 in the Marina and 1 downtown):

-Tuesday nights @ 6:30PM launching from the Marina Green Monkey Bars (adjacent to the intersection of Marina/Webster). This is our PRIMARY location on Tuesday nights and will be led by me.

-Tuesday nights @ 6:30PM launching from outside PSOAS+Massage/Bodywork. These runs will be led by USATF/RRCA certified coach Micah Dickerson. This option is designed to accommodate those working downtown and/or in the Financial District. This is a 'satellite' run, so there likely won't be as many runners as in the Marina in the evening on Tuesdays.

Thursday workouts are ALWAYS in the Marina @ 6:30PM. You have '2' workout options on Thursday nights-

Accelerate bootcamp. For Beginner/Intermediate runners, I would suggest 'Accelerate'. Led by Gabrielle Alicia Miller, this program is geared towards core strengthening/stability. Expect lunges, squats, and a plethora of other great exercises designed to strengthen, stabilize, and stave off running related aggravations/injuries.

Thursday Night Speed. For Advanced/Race level runners, you'll be working with me. We will do a variety of workouts throughout the season designed to increase speed. Expect fartlek, tempo, target pacing, and more!

FYI, you can toggle back and forth between the two aforementioned options depending on how you're feeling.

Saturday long runs are 'sometimes' at the Marina Green Monkey Bars(adjacent to the intersection of Marina/Webster). @ 9:30AM.

For the first two weeks of the program, our long runs will take place at the Marina Green Monkey Bars. But, after the first two weeks, we will mix up our run location periodically and venture out to Golden Gate Park, Lake Merced, and/or Ocean Beach.


-How do I take advantage of the 15% discount at Lombardi Sports (1600 Jackson Street @ Polk)

If you signed up online (or directly with Matt), you received an email confirmation for Halloween 13.1. Show the cashier at Lombardi Sports the confirmation via your cellphone or bring a printed copy of the email confirmation.

-Do I need to sign up for the half marathon(s)?

If you plan on participating in the race, the answer is YES! You have signed up for TRAINING. The actual half marathons are SEPARATE/DISTINCT events. Here is direction around signing up for any/all of the events-

Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon (10/29) Registration Link

When registering, choose 'Private Registration - 13.1 Training Members'

Near the end of the first data entry screen there will be a box that asks for a password. The password is MATT2011

Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon (10/30) Registration Link

US Half Marathon Registration Link (11/6)

-What should I do between now and program launch?

I'd STRONGLY encourage you to register for your respective event as per the direction above.

You could head over to Lombardi Sports, get fitted for a new pair of shoes and some new running gear.

You could also get into a regular running routine and log a few easy miles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday prior to joining the program.

-What if it's raining!? Will we still run?

YES. We may encounter inclement weather on race day and I can pretty much promise you the race will NOT be canceled! So, it's actually a good thing to train during inclement weather as you will be prepared should you encounter it on race day and your friends will think you are REALLY tough! :)

Obviously, if there are 'monsoon' like conditions where this a torrential downpour and 50MPH winds, we will likely err on the side of caution and cancel a run. But, this almost never happens.

-Additional Questions/Concerns?


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