Thursday, May 26, 2011

13.1 Reasons to Join Home Run 13.1

13.1 Reasons to Join Home Run 13.1

1. The Giant Race is sold out, but if you STILL haven’t signed up and want to train, we have a limited number of race spots available.

2. Just by joining the program you are being philanthropic as 10% of your reg. fee ($130) goes to Project Open Hand or you can join for FREE w/a $500 fundraising commitment to POH.

Because it’s more than likely what you were born to do.

It’s a quick way to burn off the garlic fries and hotdogs you consumed at your last Giants game.

5. Knocking out a few miles on Wednesday night @ 6:30PM in the Marina or in Golden Gate Park is the best way to get over hump day.

60+ Yelpers think the guy (and his team) running the program is kinda ok.

7. Because you need help channeling your inner honey badger.

8. Nothing kills a hangover from a rough Saturday night like a long run on Sunday mornings @ 9:30AM.

9. You receive a technical tee with the awesome Home Run 13.1 logo.

10. Lou Seal wants you to join.

Because running the Giant Race and finishing in AT&T Park is likely the closest you will come to being in the Majors.

12. It’s what Rocky Would Do.

13. While you may never play for the Giants, you can run a half marathon, which Tim Lincecum has never done.

13.1 Did we mention the Tim Lincecum bobblehead at the end of the race?

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