Tuesday, May 10, 2011

13.1 reasons to join The City 13.1 before 5/20

13.1 Reasons to Join The City 13.1 before 5/20

1. Running is like walking...only faster and markedly cooler. In short, it's what you were born to do.

2. You receive an excellent technical training shirt that will have the fashionistas drooling.

3. The $25 Fleet Feet gift coupon you receive will help you score some sweet new kicks to match your awesome new shirt.

4. Accelerate bootcamp for runners every Thursday night @ 6:30PM will prepare you for glory on race day.

5. If bootcamp isn't your bag, 'Need for Speed' every Thursday night @ 6:30PM will set you up for a personal best.

6. You need help channeling your inner honey badger.

7. GU Energy will be supplying the fuel (GU) and water (GU Brew Electrolyte tabs).

8. Your Saturday evening drink or two will be much sweeter after Saturday morning long runs @ 9:30AM.

9. In a similar vein, running is a great hangover cure for those of you who opt to not take it easy on Friday nights.

10. Nothing completes a Tuesday like an evening run in the Marina OR Downtown @ 6:30PM.

11. 60+ Yelpers think the program is kinda ok.

12. 13.1 miles just isn't as long as it sounds.

Swimming lessons are included

13.1 Last, but not least, all of the aforementioned (and more) is $150 through EOD 5/20!

Join The City 13.1 (5/21 launch)!

Need more than 13.1 reasons to join? Drop Marathon Matt a line-MARATHONMATT@MARATHONMATT.COM

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