Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday (04/23) Route Description

We have yet another change of scenery on Saturday with a visit to Lake Merced.

Saturday’s Lake Merced Run!

Once again, we are meeting on the NORTH SIDE of Lake Merced. Specifically, we are meeting at the HUGE parking lot on the NORTH SIDE of Lake Merced. Again, here's a map link that should help you get oriented- North Side of Lake Merced.

This run is pretty straightforward. EVERYONE will do a full loop around the circumference of Lake Merced in a clockwise direction. There is a path that runs all the way around Lake Merced, so this should be manageable for everybody.

Roughly halfway through the loop around Lake Merced (2-2.5 miles), there is a port-a-potty and a couple water fountains if you need to make a pit stop.

After 2-2.5 miles, there is a decent stretch where you will be running slightly uphill, so pace yourself accordingly.

After completing a full loop of Lake Merced, you will have logged 4.5 MILES. Once you've finished a full loop around Lake Merced, head NORTH on Sunset Boulevard There is a path that runs parallel to Sunset Boulevard on the LEFT. This is where you want to run.

Continue running along the paved path that runs parallel to Sunset Boulevard until you reach the intersection of Sunset/Ulloa. Make sure to watch the cross streets as you proceed up Sunset. They go in reverse alphabetical order....Wawona, Vincente, and then Ulloa. Turn around at Sunset/Ulloa and head back to Lake Merced for 6 MILES!

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