Monday, January 04, 2010

Tuesday (10/5) Running Route Description

On Tuesday, you will be logging between 4-7 miles depending upon your training level. The link below should give you a relatively clear sense of where we're going. I've also included a verbal description beneath it:



We will head north along the Marina to the intersection of Mason/Halleck. This is right next to Crissy Field Center and is 1 mile into our run. Everyone will follow the pedestrian crosswalk and turn LEFT onto Halleck.You will be running uphill for about a block until you reach a controlled intersection with a stop sign. This is the intersection of Halleck/Lincoln.

Take a quick LEFT across the pedestrian crosswalk and then an IMMEDIATE RIGHT across the pedestrian crosswalk onto FUNSTON AVENUE

Continue running up Funston. You should see the Presidio YMCA on your left as you head up Funston. Continue up Funston for a few more blocks until you reach the intersection of Funston/Moraga.

Take a right on Moraga and take another RIGHT on Mesa Street. Follow Mesa back towards Halleck. (Mesa Street runs PARALLEL to Funston Ave.). You will follow Mesa until it runs into Lincoln. Head back down Halleck and head back to the monkey bars.

Once you reach the monkey bars you will have logged 3 MILES! Head up towards the Marina Safeway on the paved path. Crest Fort Mason hill and continue a bit further to the point where the hill starts to head DOWN. Beginner runners turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 4 MILES!

Everyone else will head down the hill and into Aquatic Park. At the end of Aquatic Park (there is a big cul-de-sac at the end of Aquatic Park). Intermediate runners will turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 5 MILES!

Advanced/Race level runners will run into Fisherman's Wharf to the intersection of Jefferson/Powell. Look for the Gap store on the right. Advanced level runners will turn around here and head bck to the monkey bars for 6 MILES!

Race level runners will continue running to the intersection of Embarcadero/Bay across the street from Hillstone restaurant. Turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 7 MILES!

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