Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cause Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Hunt..

Back in days of yore when we were a bit hairier, a bit less evolved, and lived primarily in caves we used to do this thing called 'hunting'.

Hunting back then bears little resemblance to the kind of hunting you see today which usually involves a couple paunchy guys with a six pack of Shlitz in some camouflage gear sitting in the bushes waiting for an antelope to walk in front of them.

Back in days of yore, we tracked our prey for miles. We tracked our prey for days because survival demanded it. If you didn't slay the beast, you and your family would starve.

In the running community, you periodically hear this debate about whether or not people were 'born to run' or 'built to run'. Maybe we were or maybe we weren't 'born to run', but I do know we were born to 'hunt'.

So, consider the run that lies in front of you as the 'beast'. In order for you and your family to survive, you MUST slay the beast! Slay the beast, earn your feast!

All apologies to my vegetarian/vegan friends for the above content.

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