Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday (5/19) Running Route Description

Tuesday Course Map!

Here's a description for you as well:

B-2 MILES- We will head North along the Marina to the intersection of Mason/Halleck. Look for the stop sign immediately before the intersection. This is 1 mile. Turn around here and head back for 2 miles!

I-3 MILES-Intermediate runners will also go to the aforementioned stop sign, but run about 50 feet further and turn left into the pedestrian crosswalk and head up Halleck street.

You will be running uphill for about a block until you reach a controlled intersection with a stop sign. This is the intersection of Halleck/Lincoln. Turn RIGHT onto Lincoln and run along the sidewalk. Stick to the sidewalk on the right and follow Lincoln.

Right around Lincoln/Taylor you will see chalk markings indicating 'FF 3' in the middle of the sidewalk. This is your turn around point. Turn around here and head back to the monkey bars for 3 MILES!

A-4 MILES-Same course as intermediate folks, but continue past the 'FF 3' chalk markings and continue on Lincoln. You will eventually see the cemetary on your left and Lincoln will curve to the left. Lincoln curves around to the left and downhill slightly. You will find yourself at a 4 way stop at the intersection of Lincoln/McDowell. Look for chalk markings indicating 'FF 4'. You will turn around and head back to the monkey
bars for 4 MILES!

R-5 MILES W/5 MIN. TEMPO-Race level runners continue past the 'FF 4' chalk markings and continue on Lincoln as it curves around to the right. Eventually you will get a spectacular view of the Marina/Crissy Field off to your right near the intersection of Lincoln/Long(there's a stop sign here at the top of Long). This is 2.5 MILES!

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